Silence. So important, but still so underestimated. In a world of constant noise and stimulus, silence has become a scarcity. Always on the go, stressful days, digital screens in our face or continuously in the company of others, we have forgotten how to be silent. Some are even afraid of silence and will avoid it at any cost.

Silence is where you meet yourself, but also where your fears rise to the surface. Where the full specter of emotions will reveal themselves, and a place where you can no longer hide, suppress, or ignore.

Silence turns up the volume of pain, but it also shows you the most significant person in your life, you — all of your beautiful self, with all your scars, history, and potential.

We all have scars, a past, traumas, and shit that we don’t want others to see. Join the line, my friend; you’re not alone. But we all have the ability to listen, adjust, and work on ourself so that we can utilize our potential, heal, and be free. And the sooner, the better.

Silence is where you get to know yourself, where you can listen to your body’s signs – where she’s tapping her messages that something needs attention. Cause she’s trying to get your attention, but very silently in the start. Then she might knock a little harder, with more symptoms and negative emotions. And if you’re still not listening, she has no other choice than to give you illness or disease.

But if you’re never silent, how can you hear her her knock? How can you get in touch with the inner you? Your deepest fears and emotions? Your authenticity and your truth? And how can you grow if you don’t listen, trust, and know yourself?

So I encourage you to sit still. If only just a minute a day. Sit down, be in silence, and listen to your body. Let your body show you what’s lurking under the surface. Get to know your deepest fears and the emotions that make you want to run and hide. Cause there’s no hiding from the truth, there no healing without feeling, and there’s no happiness in living a lie.

And after some time, maybe you sit for three minutes, or five. You learn that emotions are not dangerous and that they will pass, like everything else. You get to know your body, your beautiful, unique, and sacred temple, and you understand what she’s seeking to communicate. The gut feeling and intuition strengthens, and you start trusting yourself as you’ve never done before.