Urban Essentials works to inspire you to live a more balanced and authentic life. To achieve better contact with your own body and emotional life. Breaking thought and action patterns and taking greater responsibility for one’s own health. For yourself, those around you and the next generations.

Society has, for decades, exhausted our emotional health. We have little or no contact with our bodies and emotions while living a stressful life with social media, materialism, and a consumer society of the rare. We greedily supply ourselves with the resources of the earth and cultivate our ego, without thinking about the consequences or generations that will come after us.

By living more balanced, taking back responsibility for our health, listening to the body, and using good natural tools in everyday life, we can feel a lot better internally. When we feel better internally ourselves, we also become much better for everyone around us.

Urban Essentials' founder

Iselin Larsen
dōTERRA leader, Yoga Teacher and Nutritionist

Iselin Larsen

One Monday in February 2018, I quit my well-paid job in the IT industry to focus on myself, my business, and my passion. Today, both my life and work consists of helping and inspiring others to better physical and emotional health. I do this by showing my path through my own lifestyle and everyday life. At the same time, I am building a wonderful dōTERRA team of fantastic customers and leaders and teaching essential oils.

My interest in the body, health, and natural lifestyle started almost 10 years ago. It has taken me years to get to where I am today, with a lot of trial and error. I have been on everything from calorie counting to low carb, meal replacements, superfood, juicing, and detox cures, yes – pretty much everything you can think of. I have been training too hard or too little. I have broken down my body with stress, alcohol, and unhealthy food, sabotaged myself, and gone to the extreme in most areas. There have been ups and downs, but I have learned a great deal along the way.

For the last five years, I have researched how the body works, as well as what we humans need to feel good about ourselves in everyday life. I have a holistic approach to body and mind, where everything is interconnected and affecting each other.

Today, I take care of myself in order to live a long and prosperous life with as little ailments as possible. It is my responsibility to work with myself emotionally, breaking negative and limiting thought patterns. By doing so, I avoid passing this on to the people around me, while at the same time getting better with myself and living more authentically.

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