Children & adolescents

Children and adolescents love essential oils – if they can choose for themselves and take ownership of the oils! What if we could all grow up in a world where we learned to use natural tools for better physical and emotional health? To support the immune system, take care of bruises and cuts, help with stomach aches, support sleep, and help calm down in the evening, concentrate when doing homework and much more!

There are many oils suitable for children and adolescents, but in smaller doses than for adults. dōTERRA has also launched its own Kids Collection, which is safe for children from 3 years and up to use.

💛 THINKER – for children and adolescents in school who do homework, learn new things, and concentrate.

💜 CALMER – To support sleep, perfect for calming at night and before bed!

❤️ STRONGER – Provides courage, protection, and is suitable for skin irritations. Fantastic to use before children or adolescents do something they’re a little worried about, need a little extra protection and security.

💙 RESCUER – for scrubs and bruises. Perfect for soccer training or other activities, for active kids who get scratched up occasionally.

💚 STEADY – for inner peace, both physically and mentally, to stay focused on what is important. Very helpful to calm down after a long day or as a morning ritual for children and adolescents who are easily riled up and anxious.

🧡 BRAVE – for nervousness, self-confidence, and having faith in oneself! Many children love this one. They feel strong and tough when using brave!